A good reason to switch to SPRINT

TERRORIST FRONT GROUP CAIR’s headline reads: “Muslim fired by SPRINT after receiving a hate call.” What they don’t tell us is what the Muslim employee said to the ‘hate’ caller.

The Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-OK) today called for an apology to a Muslim employee of Sprint who was fired after receiving a hate call.

On Saturday September 26, the Muslim customer service employee in Oklahoma City answered a call to Sprint during which the customer asked about the employee’s name and then asked if he is Muslim. After being told the Sprint employee is Muslim, the customer allegedly said, “Well I don’t want to talk to you, and you can go to hell.” The Muslim employee then hung up on the customer and reported the incident to his supervisor. (SPRINT should give that customer a month of free service)

A week after receiving the hate call, the Muslim worker was terminated without prior notice because he had hung up on the caller. Sprint says it has a policy in which employees are not allowed to hang up on customers under any circumstances.

“It is unconscionable for Sprint to fire an employee merely for reacting as anyone would who received a hate call,” said CAIR-OK Executive Director Razi Hashmi. “We ask that Sprint review its policy on bias-motivated hate calls and to issue an apology to the Muslim employee.PR NEWSWIRE

LEGAL JIHAD anyone? You can be sure CAIR’s next move will be to file a lawsuit against SPRINT as they always do. I still say CAIR is covering up what the employee must have said to the customer. To be continued…

UPDATE: COMPLAINT filed with Equal Opportunity Commission (I knew it)