Israel opens excavated Western Wall tunnels to the media and Muslims scream like stuck pigs

The Islamic world claims that the excavations’ sole purpose is to collapse the Temple Mount mosque. And that would be a bad thing?

The Western Wall excavations, a work in slow progress, spanning over three decades, were unveiled to the media less than a week after the last Muslim Temple Mount riots.  Timing is everything, the Temple Mount belongs to Israel and they should have knocked down the mosque in 1967. Or now.

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MUSLIMS riot on Temple Mount AGAIN

Nine police officers and a foreign reporter were lightly wounded Sunday during clashes between security forces and Arab rioters in the capital.Police were forced to enter the Temple Mount twice during the the day of fierce rioting, and were met by a hail of rocks and a firebomb.

A female Australian journalist was struck in the head by a rock during the disturbances, apparently after being caught between rioters and security forces near an entrance to the Temple Mount in the Muslim Quarter. She was treated at the scene.

Police said the disturbances began when officers were accompanying a group of tourists up to the mount. According to police, several Muslim youngsters were caught on video preparing to cause trouble; gathering rocks to throw and pouring oil onto the ground to hinder the access of security forces and the visitors. JERUSALEM POST

Pro-Arab anti-Israel reporting by al-Jazeera:

Listen to HAMAS, they are the only ones speaking the truth: “War will settle Jerusalem dispute, NOT talks.”

Following a conflagration of violence at Temple Mount in Jerusalem on Sunday, Hamas political leader Khaled Meshal declared that “Jerusalem’s fate will be decided with jihad (holy war) and resistance, and not negotiations.” HAARETZ

OK, Israel, let’s roll!

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