U.S. Congress rejects anti-Israel biased Goldstone Report, and urges Obama to do the same

U.S. Congressional leaders will vote on a bipartisan bill officially REJECTING the findings of the Goldstone Report into the recent Gaza war, and calling on President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton to do the same.

Until now, Obama has made clear that he is UNCOMFORTABLE (uncomfortable in that he really wants to bury Israel with this false report but can’t figure out how) with the Goldstone Report, but has refrained from making any decisive statements on the matter. But Congress wants him to go further by negating the report and threatening to us the US’s veto power should the report, which accuses Israel of war crimes, be brought before the UN Security Council.

The congressional bill insists that the Goldstone Report is one-sided because it accuses Israel of various crimes, but glosses over the eight years of Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel that preceded the war. It also notes that many of the crimes Israel is accused of by Goldstone were actually the result of Hamas’ illegal use of human shields.

"Not to worry, Mahmoud, I'll crush Israel eventually"

The bill highlights an interview given by the report’s author, South African jurist Richard Goldstone, to the publication the Forward in which he admitted the report’s findings would never stand up in court. ISRAEL TODAY

Kind of like Obama’s ‘proof’ of Natural Born Citizneship will never hold up in court.

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