How about injecting the convicted MUSLIM DC SNIPER with pig’s blood?

DC sniper Muhammad set to die by lethal injection. But the left wing media did their best to hide the fact that the he and his teenage accomplice were both MUSLIM TERRORISTS. And apparently, they still are.

John Allen Muhammad declined to choose between lethal injection and electrocution, so under state law the method defaults to lethal injection, Virginia Department of Corrections spokesman Larry Traylor said. Muhammad is scheduled to be executed Nov. 10 for the October 2002 slaying of Dean Harold Meyers at a Manassas gas station during a string of shootings. The three-week killing spree in October 2002 left 10 dead in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. WASHINGTON POST

The attacks came to an end on October 24, when Muhammad and Lee Boyd Malvo, his teenage jihadi associate, were found sleeping in their blue 1990 Chevy Caprice, at a rest-stop near Myersville, Maryland. In the backseat was a Bushmaster XM-15 semiautomatic with a red-dot sight that had been adjusted for ranges between 50 to 100 yards.

During the days and weeks that followed, the national media made no mention of “Islam,” “Muslim,” or “terrorism.” They rather presented the Muhammad as “an ex-soldier,” “a former, Army combat engineer,” and “a Gulf War veteran (NANCY PELOSI WOULD CALL HIM A RIGHT WING TERRORIST) who was an expert Army marksman,” and Malvo, an illegal alien from Jamaica, as either as a misguided youth or clueless dupe.

Such portraits were in keeping with the following dictate from Nihad Awad, Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). “Police reports indicate the suspects acted alone, based on their own motivations. There is no indication that this case is related to Islam or Muslims.(HAH!) We therefore ask journalists and media commentators to avoid speculation based on stereotyping or prejudice.(And that’s exactly what they did)

CNN downplayed Muhammad’s religious conversion – calling him by his old name, John Allen Williams, when his identity was first revealed. Malvo was cast as a clueless dupe with no true convictions.

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Richard Roeper railed against conservative commentators such as Mark Steyn, who had taken note of Muhammad’s Islamic faith and his anti-American sentiments. Roeper also ridiculed National Review columnist James Robbins for observing that the sniper was acting like “a jihadist warrior” by concluding: ” . . . an awful lot of conservatives really, really wanted the snipers to be terrorists. But they were wrong. I’ll say that because they never will.”

The Chicago reporter, as it turns out, was the one who was wrong and failed to admit it. This became clear when John Allen Muhammad persisted in making such statements as, “America got what it deserved on 9/11.”

Despite his years of service in the US Army, Muhammad refused to acknowledge that he was an American, proclaiming instead that he was a Muslim and a servant of Allah. By upholding this position, he followed the lead of other African Americans who had converted to Islam.

Even more telling were the jailhouse doodling of Lee Boyd Malvo, Muhammad’s 17 year-old sidekick and lover. The violent drawings, replete with anti-American and anti-Semitic comments, showed him to be every bit as blood-thirsty as any 9/11 hijacker or Palestinian suicide bomber. Malvo’s portfolio contained these sketches:

A detailed depiction of the White House in crosshairs of the scope of a rifle with this caption: “You will weep and moan & MORN. You will bleed to death, little by little. Your life belongs to Allah. He will deliver you to us.” To the side of the White House, another caption says, “Sept. 11 we will ensure will look like a picnic to you.”

During the trial, reports surfaced that the snipers might have holed up within ul-Fuqra paramilitary compounds in southern Virginia during their breaks in the killing spree and that they may have established an affiliation with the radical Dar al-Hijrah in Falls Church, Virginia, a place which sheltered at least two of the 9/11 operatives.

The failure of the U.S. Justice Department to connect the dots remains particularly jarring, since the beltway murders occurred four days after Ayman al-Zawahiri, bin Laden’s second in command, released a tape to warn of attacks that would help to bring about “the destruction of the American economy.”

The incident gave support to Zawahiri’s premise that you didn’t need a bomb or a plane, let alone a squadron of highly trained commandos, to strike fear at the very heart of America. The sole requirements were a couple of converts to Islam and a gun. NO COMPROMISE MEDIA

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