MUSLIM THUGS ATTACK photographer outside Detroit mosque

DEARBORNISTAN: Terrorist leader of this mosque was killed in a gun battle with FBI earlier in the day.

FOX 2’s Brad Edwards and crew went to the Dearborn Mosque Wednesday where a group was suspected of plotting crimes. But just as soon as they arrived along with a crew from the Detroit News, they told him to leave, or else. After they said no, it got ugly, and our cameras were rolling. Several MUSLIM men can be seen smashing the camera of News photographer Ricardo Thomas after witnesses say they pushed him, threw punches and kicked him while on the ground.

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American IslamoFascists urge government to keep terrorist imam’s MUSLIM faith out of the case. And ISLAMObama will probably order them to do so.

Abdullah, dead terrorist Imam

Imam Abdullah also was a founder and board member of the Muslim Alliance of North America (MANA). The group issued a statement Thursday expressing “deep concern” over the case. The concern was not why Abdullah refused to lower his weapon and fired at agents, but at why he was shot:

“This tragic shooting raises deep concerns regarding the use of lethal force by law enforcement agents.”

An FBI statement said agents considered the suspects to be armed and dangerous, and “special safeguards” were employed to try to make the arrests peacefully. The complaint contains repeated references to Abdullah’s instructions that his followers stay armed and his vow not to be taken by law enforcement. An FBI dog was killed in the shootout that resulted.

The MANA statement said allegations in the complaint were “shocking and inconsistent” with what they knew about Abdullah. It also stressed that the charges involved regular criminal activity and should not be used “in order demonize American Muslims.”

Abdullah stated that the FBI is the enemy of Islam. Abdullah stated something to the effect, ‘If they are coming to get me I’ll just strap a bomb on and blow up everybody.’ Abdullah gave S-3 the impression that he has access to an explosive device.”

According to the FBI, Abdullah led a separatist movement which wanted “a separate, sovereign Islamic state (‘The Ummah’) within the borders of the United States, governed by Shariah law. The Ummah is to be ruled over by Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin, formerly known as H. Rapp Brown.”

The Washington Times reports that federal officials warn that Abdullah’s death may generate retaliation by radical MUSLIM sympathizers against law enforcement officials.