A planned march by MUSLIM demonstrators calling for Sharia law in Britain has been cancelled, police said.

Apparently the anti-Islam groups in England have prevailed. Good for them. HA HA HA

Scotland Yard said it would now be contacting organisers of a wave of counter-protests in central London and Leeds, West Yorkshire, to inform them of the decision.

Anjem Choudary, leader of the radical Islamic sect Al Muhajiroun, said organisers Islam4UK had been forced to cancel the planned march from the House of Commons to Trafalgar Square because of security concerns.

But he added a meeting of supporters of sharia law would still take place at an undisclosed location. (In Hell, hopefully) YAHOO UK

But apparently, a protest against the IslamoFascists went on as scheduled. Jolly good, guys.

Hey Lain UK, were you at this one?

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