On the eve of the MARCH for SHARI’A RULE in London, MUSLIM hate preacher demands the Queen wear a burkha

BURKHINGHAM PALACE? How long until HM The Queen will be forced to wear the Burkha, alcohol will be banned, and thieves will have their hands chopped off?

Considering the Brits obsession with multiculturalism and Muslim appeasement, not too long, I’m afraid.

The Queen forced to wear a burkha and Buckingham Palace turned into a mosque – that was the vision of Britain under Sharia law proposed by a Muslim firebrand today. Preacher of hate Anjem Choudary even showed mocked-up photographs of the palace sporting a golden dome and Nelson’s Column as a minaret.

He was speaking ahead of a demonstration calling for Sharia law planned for Central London tomorrow, which it is feared could descend into violence. Police are working to avoid a clash between moderate Muslim groups and far-right mobs who have organised rival demonstrations.

But Choudary boasted: ‘It only takes a few people to start a full-scale riot in the middle of the city. There are far-right groups hoping to engage us in physical confrontation in Trafalgar Square or Piccadilly. These animals won’t come empty handed.’ (Let’s hope not) He claimed: ‘The amount of threats we have received has been phenomenal. Bomb threats, death threats, we have received hundreds of them from people saying they are going to come and confront us.’ (Hopefully with bats and knives)

Anjem Choudary, Muslim lunatic

The cleric and self-styled judge of the Sharia court of the UK said he expected several hundred of his followers to march through Central London calling for Parliament to be abolished in favour of the laws of Allah.

He said: ‘We hope to eradicate man-made law from Britain and the world. We call upon Gordon Brown to implement Sharia law and we call upon the Queen to give up playing God. There is only one supreme being. When Sharia law is implemented, maybe in 10 or 15 years’ time, she would be expected like all women in Britain to be covered from head to toe, only revealing her face and hands.’ If Her Majesty refused, he said she would be ‘punished’ according to Sharia law. Although Choudary refused to say so, penalties under Sharia law for not wearing a burqa include a woman being repeatedly lashed with a stick or a cable.

Choudary’s sidekick Abu Rumaysahl added: ‘Buckingham Palace would become a mosque and play a central role in society.’ Choudary and his extremist group Al-Muhajiroun want a legal system in which adulterers and homosexuals would be stoned to death and thieves have their hands chopped off.

‘We are being realistic, we know it could take time to implement, but it is a fact that in Britain Muslims are predicted to outnumber practicing Christians, in terms of going to places of worship, by 2015.’

Choudary said the location of today’s demonstration in London was being kept a secret till the last minute to avoid violent clashes. Members of the group English Defence League are expected to try to disrupt the event. UK DAILY MAIL

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