TWO PRESIDENTS. Two vastly different tributes to the victims and survivors of the ISLAMIC TERRORIST ATTACK on America on 9/11

GEORGE W. BUSH commissions the USS NEW YORK, a state-of-the-art Navy vessel built with steel collected from the World Trade Center attack.

Sailing into NY Harbor today, the USS New York, made with 7.5 tons of steel from the wrecked World Trade Center, is a Navy amphibious transport ship, with a crew of 360 – including dozens of New Yorkers. The bow of the $1 billion ship was forged with steel recovered from the rubble at Ground Zero. One of its main missions is to transport Marines – it can carry an entire battalion and their equipment, including a 38-ton amphibious assault vehicle, landing craft and an MV-22 Osprey aircraft.

BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA slashes the anti-terrorism budget for New York City, putting American lives at risk, as plans to put radiological sensors within a 50-mile radius of NYC has to be cancelled after the Obama Administration nixes cash for the project.

New York City requested $40 million to build the network at bridges, tunnels and other locations in the metropolitan area. Congress only earmarked $20 million for the program and then slipped NYC a doubly whammy — the money is in a pot that other city’s can apply for, so it may not even get the $20 million.

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