Terrorist Front Group CAIR leader says, “Who cares if the Fort Hood Muslim Jihadi shouted, “Allah Akbar?”

So what if that’s the same thing every Muslim terrorist says right before he kills infidels? Chris Mathews lends his far-left wing liberal terrorist-sympathizing ear to Nihad Awad, a Muslim with known ties to radical Islamic groups.

Awad tries to make us believe the savage killings at Fort Hood by a devout, radicalized Muslim were NOT about Islam. And he is insulted that the media is trying to link his Islam-approved actions to his religion, when it is clear to him that Hassan is just a disturbed individual. HAH! Of course, tingle-up-his-leg Mathews bends over and kisses his filthy ass.

Muslims SHOULD worry about backlash because we are coming for them.

Misunderstanding of Islam, my ass.