Poetic Justice: PIG FLU may keep Muslims away from the Hajj

The annual pilgrimage to Mecca by Muslims (Nov. 19 – 28) this year is threatened by fears about swine flu.

The Iranian Health Ministry and the Majlis Health Committee are seriously opposed to allowing Iranians to go on hajj this year due to the swine flu epidemic, MP Mohammad-Reza Rezaii-Kouchi said on Saturday. He criticized the Health Ministry for reporting imprecise statistics, saying the health minister had said 50 percent of the people who go on hajj would become infected with the swine flu virus while the deputy health minister said 80 percent would become infected. Payvand

In preparation for a possible outbreak of the H1N1 influenza virus, Saudi Arabia has been stockpiling medicine for the annual Muslim pilgrimmage this December. In Egypt’s capital, a debate has emerged over whether the pilgrimage should be banned altogether this year.

Just think, if 2 – 3  million Muslims died from swine flu at the Hajj, would it be considered a gift from God?