No, not here in the U.S., home of the  Fort Hood Muslim mass murderer, but in Britain, where Muslims have been rioting, raping, and murdering British citizens for a lot longer.

(FYI: this story comes from a MUSLIM website)

On Thursday 5th November three Muslim students were stabbed just outside of City University, after being surrounded by 30 youths, in London and were left with severe head and facial injuries.

What is more shocking is that this has only been highlighted in 3 places:

1) A FOSIS Press Release

2) One article by the UK PRESS

3) One article by the BBC

No, what IS shocking is that Muslim hatemongers like this are not in jail

Also, the articles by UKPA and BBC do not seem to highlight the fact that it was clearly an Islamophobic attack – rather, they choose to focus on that the students were “Asian.” (In Britain, Asian = Muslim)

Anyone could tell you that if someone is shouting out “Get those Muslims” then they are undoubtedly Islamophobic. (It isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill us)

MPACUK urges anyone who has any information about these attacks to contact the police and to also call City University to demand to know why they are not taking more action or bothering to highlight this issue on their website.

City University seemed to have had the time to send out a press release about funding they are to receive for research on identifying criminals but were too busy to inform the public that students at City University were the victims of Islamophobic attacks. (Nobody cares)

These attacks are only the latest in a series of Islamophobic attacks against Muslims. Every Muslim should be contacting up their MP to ensure that the issue of Islamophobia, and how to tackle it, is addressed.

We hope that FOSIS is mobilising Islamic Societies (ISocs) on campus to get politically active to ensure once and for all that Islamophobia is being tackled. MPACUK

No, it is not Islamophobia that needs to be tackled, it is Islam that needs to be destroyed. I am not ashamed of hating Islam, all good ex-Muslims hate it even more.