Muslims in America are staging their own backlash against a backlash that has yet to occur.

“We are concerned about backlash against Muslim Americans, because the culprit happens to be of Arab and apparently Muslim background.(Apparently? APPARENTLY? When was the last time you heard a Christian yelling Allahu Akbar before he slaughered a bunch of Americans?) “We have received word (NO evidence , just hearsay) that there are already some threats that are being made against mosques here in America. There are people who exploit these situations – they are in the blogosphere and on talk shows. However, the majority of the American (LEFT WING ISLAMOFASCIST APOLOGIST) media has been very responsible in trying to really tone down any kind of anti-Muslim rhetoric at this point. (There they go again, trying to ban free speech)

“At this point we are  on a heightened state of alert in our mosques. (Well then, you better tell all your Imams to tone down their calls for Islamic jihad sermons) We are working with law enforcement closely in co-ordination to make sure our places of interest are given extra security. (Good idea, while the cops are guarding your cesspools of Islamist propaganda, Americans will have less protection against Muslims like you.)

But at the same time [we are] reassuring our community to continue with their business and to continue being a part of the fabric of American society.(Even though most have never been part of the fabric before?)  AlJazeeraEnglish

ARAB SPIN on the Fort Hood Muslim Jihadist

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