UK: BLIND MAN chased off a bus by MUSLIMS because of his GUIDE DOG.

A driver told a blind cancer sufferer to get off his bus when a woman and her children became hysterical at the sight of his guide dog. George Herridge, 71, told how the mum flew into a rage and shouted at him in a foreign language. A passenger explained she wanted him to get off the bus during the incident on May 20.  The driver said, ‘Look mate, can’t you get off?’

“I stood my ground. I had not done anything, my dog had not done anything and I was getting off the bus for no one.” The retired NHS worker claimed he was forced off a bus by a driver after a similar encounter last summer. And a day after the latest bus incident a lady began screaming “I don’t like dirty dogs” at Mr Herridge at the Royal Berkshire Hospital.

A week earlier he faced further animosity from a couple at Asda in The Meadway, he said. He is unsure what has provoked outbursts but said he thinks some have come from MUSLIM people and that it may be due to religious or cultural differences. If the people who were upset were Muslim, they consider dogs to be ritually unclean(Oh they were Muslims all right) Mr Herridge said: “I do not expect any special treatment but just to be left in peace and live my life the best I can.”

As part of a Muslim Council of Britain project, Mufti Zubair Butt, Shar’ia advisor to Muslim Spiritual Care Provision in the NHS, admitted Muslims “require some education” on guide dogs.(SOME education? How about DEPORTATION?)H/T VLAD TEPES

(MUSLIM) WOMAN stabs little poodle to death.

An Ottawa MUSLIM woman faces animal cruelty charges after a poodle was stabbed to death. The body of the five-year-old poodle, named Morgan, was brought to the Ottawa Humane Society shelter on Jan. 19 by its owner. Investigators believed the animal had been stabbed, and OHS veterinarians confirmed the suspicion, finding a knife wound in the dog’s shoulder blade area.

“The dog obviously suffered before it died,” said OHS inspector Miriam Smith. “It’s incredibly shocking to see an animal treated this way. “No matter what the issues may be with a pet, violence is never the solution.”

Abir Hamade, 24, was charged on Jan. 28 with two counts of animal cruelty, including unlawfully killing an animal and causing an animal unnecessary pain and sufferingFrom The Ottawa Sun. H/T: VLADTEPES






  1. Fucken Muslim scum, come near my dog and cut your fucken head off, filthy fucken scum. They need to be deported like the filthy rats they are. I’ve had enough of this scum deport them all back to their fucken caves so the rest of the world can live in peace..

    • I was very ignorant to how much Muslims hated dogs….I went to Old Man On The Mountain a couple of years back with Zach -my three legged dog….we walked the foot/basin of the mountain….most people saw awwww how cute…what happened to his leg…then I noticed what looked like a large group of religious people veering away from me and my dog, kids and adults, male and female and were looking at my dog with both fear and disgust….I was going to go off the trail for a moment to see a water hole and a woman with a baby in stroller said No please…and I thought maybe she was afraid that the dog would hurt her baby or something so I respected it – I looked this up on line and found out exactly what this experience was about…..Plain English….yes, English GO HOME

  2. I remember how yesterday a dear friend (a very sweet older lady) of mine was saying that she couldn’t say anything bad against Muslims because one of her doctors was so ultra-caring and compassionate about her at a time of great distress for her – and that doctor was a Muslimah (female)!!!!

    She also said that she didn’t want to know about “extremists” (and also said that I’m full of hate – which I am all too often)…

    God in Heaven, how do I shake up somebody like that GENTLY into seeing just how EVIL the entire cult actually is???

    As to the needless suffering of that poor poodle: that woman who did it ought to be killed exactly the same way!!! Let her suffer the same way – and let that apply to ANY Muslims in the West who’re guilty of anything where real suffering and/or death was the consequence. [Those who’re truly innocent but who’re real Muslim all the same: disenfranchise and deport them all at once, never to come back to the West!!!!]

  3. These muslim are sick, we must take a stand against them. These damn filthy muslims wont be happy until they replace all relgious buildings, smbols with theirs. Replace western laws with theirs. People like that show Dr Drew needs to be informed he was on the show defending muslims.

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