Anti-Islam Italian female politician who wants to ban the burqa gets punched by a Muslim in the street

After calling the Prophet Muhammad a paedophile and polygamist (See link at bottom), Daniela Santanchè is at it again, stirring up Muslim rage in Milan, Italy.

Santanche’ is currently running a campaign in Italy to expose the burqua and veil as oppressive to women. She took the fight to the front line , entering a muslim ‘prayer meeting’ and asking to speak to some women to tell them they were being oppressed by a male-dominated regime masquerading as a religion, and was subsequently attacked.

Daniela Santanchè, leader of the Movement for Italy, was attacked and hit with a fist while speaking about barring the entry of women in burqas. Santanchè has long engaged in a battle for integration and against Islamic  fundamentalism – had arrived this morning with the intent to prohibit the entry of women in burqas. In recent days Santanchè had appealed against the burqa as an act of solidarity and witness for the tragic death of the young Sanaa killed by her father for his affair with an Italian boy. Before the riots, inter alia, had told reporters:

The event continued in an atmosphere of great tension. Some protesters also ripped a street sign trying to hit the group of protesters who were with Santanchè.

H/T STOPShariaLAWnow