MUSLIM HATE CRIMES: Tugging at a headscarf? Graffitti?

So obsessed are the left wing media with the non-existent Muslim backlash after Fort Hood, they will label any negativity toward Muslims as a hate crime.

NO, in your countries, it's the ONLY right you have

Amal Abusumayah was paying for her groceries when she said she felt a sharp tug on her headscarf. (Which the left considers assault and battery, I suppose?)


Abusumayah said the woman who tugged her scarf said, “The guy that did the Texas shooting, he wasn’t American, and he was from the Middle East.” Hasan, an American citizen, was born in Virginia.

“I was shaken up,” Abusumayah said of the Nov. 7 assault. “This is my dignity and this is my religion.” (No, not your religion, your murderous death cult)

Tinley Park police are investigating the report as a hate crime, Police Chief Michael O’Connell said.

But that’s not the only one. (Says the Chicago reporter, giddy at finding what he calls another ‘hate’ crime) Another Tinley Park family said they woke up Sunday to find derogatory terms written on their home. Both incidents happened just days after Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan allegedly killed 13 people at Fort Hood, Texas. Chicago Sun Times

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