2012 London Olympics: “We will use students, NOT soldiers, to provide security for the games”

The British are rightly enraged that Olympic security chiefs have ruled out using the Army to protect competitors and spectators at the 2012 Olympic Games – and instead will rely on thousands of teenagers taking a 30-hour events safety course.

The move has provoked anger among military figures, who believe Army expertise is needed to ensure the London Olympics are safe from a potential terrorist outrage. It also comes after Army Chief of Staff, General Sir David Richards, said worry over Olympic security ‘kept him awake at night’. Whitehall sources have revealed that the military will be called upon only to carry out ‘niche roles’.

The task of protecting the Olympic Park will rely on private security staff and 6,000 16 to 19-year-olds taking a specially developed BTEC qualification. The military would be required only in ‘extreme situations’ where Special Forces troops might be needed. (When would that be – AFTER Palestinian terrorists have killed a bunch of athletes?)

The Level 2 BTEC diploma would give young people 30 hours of training in ‘keeping people safe at events’, ‘communicating’ and ‘dealing with large numbers of people’.

Official documents say: ‘The Home Office, the police and public will be given confidence that a secure, vetted, licensed and trained supply line of labour will be available to the appointed private security contractors to support stewarding and carry out other important tasks at the Games.’

Speaking at a conference on Olympic Security last week, Security Minister Lord West said the Olympics presented the ‘greatest security challenge’ since the Second World War. (And they think teenagers can best protect the public against those security challenges?) The level of terrorist threat is expected to be severe, the second-highest level, he added.

Shadow Security Minister Dame Pauline Neville-Jones said the Army should have a role at the Games, but stressed this did not necessarily mean  it should conduct high-profile patrols. (God forbid, that they should be charged with ethnic profiling of Muslims) UK DAILY MAIL

And if the mega mosque (tied to terrorist financing) that Muslims are planning to build in London, right behind the Olympic Stadium, opens by 2012 as scheduled, the security risk will be off the charts.

No Western city has more mosques. And now London could be home to a gigantic monster mosque complex, the likes of which the West has never seen outside the Middle East.  The 17-acre Islamic worship center for as many as 70,000 Muslims, will be the  hub of an Islamic quarter for the 2012 London Olympics, iand will dwarf many of Britain’s Christian cathedrals.