NEW UPDATES: He bowed to the Saudi King. He removed his shoes and got down on his knees at a mosque in Turkey. Now, he bows to the Emperor of Japan…

FEEL THE HATE: ‘President’ Barack Obama at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia to mark Veterans Day, 11/11/2009

FEEL THE HATE: Presidential Candidate Barack Obama at the playing of the Star Spangled Banner in 2008.

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H/T Atlas Shrugs

In the photo below, notice how low Obama is bowing to the Emperor, yet the Emperor is NOT bowing back. In Japan, this signifies that the Emperor (whose father surrendered to the U.S. in WWII) now has higher status than the President. He who bows lower in Japan is the lesser man, lesser in status, standing, or position in life. Also, in Japan, one never bows AND shakes hands at the same time. And NEVER EVER looks at the floor rather than in the other person’s eyes. Who the hell is advising this Idiot-in-Chief?

Look how every world leader except America’s Idiot-in-Chief greets the Emperor.

Dick Cheney

President of South Korea

Prime Minister of India

Prime Minister of Israel

King of Morocco

Vladimir Putin of Russia

Prime Minister of Slovenia

President of Kazakhstan