“ISLAMIC JIHADISTS targeting military on U.S. soil is strategic.”

“If our analysts, especially within the government, can’t figure out what makes a MUSLIM JIHADIST – lone wolf or not – tick, we have a problem.” –Walid Phares

Chief among the outspoken experts on Jihadist terrorism is Dr. Walid Phares, who directs the Future of Terrorism Project for the Washington, D.C.-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies.

Responding to the current U.S. Administration’s reluctance to consider Hasan’s attack an act of terrorism, Phares says, What the world has witnessed this week in Texas cannot be described just as a ‘horrific outburst of violence’ directed at the American military, Instead it is part of a wider ideological war, generated by radicalization and inciting individuals to perform such acts. ‘Lone wolf’ or not, organized or not, fully self-aware perpetrator or not, influenced by overseas radicals or not, this massacre of servicemen has moved America from stage to another.”

According to Phares, Hasan was-and-is an indoctrinated Jihadist, who – lone wolf or not, linked to a specific Jihadist group or or not – acted with the intent to strike his enemy, America. The Jihadists are at war with the West. They are coming after us with every means available to them. They are capitalizing on our free institutions to do so, using corrupt media and weak politicians to facilitate their freedom of movement and disinformation campaigns. And they have infiltrated our national defense structure, a fact known to many for years and proven to all on Thursday, November 5th.

Sec. Napolitano’s statement is shifting the debate from investigating an ideology responsible for the production of Jihadists, which is – or should be – the top national security consideration, to an unwarranted panic reaction about so-called backlashes, shifting the debate from going after the Jihadists to fearing backlashes on the streets. Family Security Matters

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