They’re coming to take me away. OH NO!

Now that support for the NON-BINDING UN ‘Defamation of Religion’ resolution has waned, the IslamoFascists of the 57-State Islamic bloc at the UN are pushing for a legally binding way to counter ‘Religious (aka Islam) Defamation.’

Radical Islam’s Organization of the Islamic Conference  (OIC) is now attempting to have a key U.N. panel amend an existing international treaty to encompass supposedly religiously defamatory speech. Unlike the resolutions, changing the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination (ICERD) to cover religion would be legally enforceable.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)has for the past decade overseen the passage of non-binding resolutions at the U.N. General Assembly and human rights bodies.(Despite the fact that Islamic countries offer no human rights protections at all)Last week, the most recent effort passed in the General Assembly’s Third Committee, which deals with social, cultural, and humanitarian issues
It will go before the full General Assembly for a vote next month, but the committee vote indicates a continued decline in support.
Eighty-one countries (INCLUDING THE UNITED STATES) voted for the resolution, 55 opposed it and 43 abstained. The result showed less support for and more opposition against the resolution than for those introduced by the OIC over the last three years. As in past years, mos support came from the 57-member OIC (although two members, Burkina Faso, and Cameroon, abstained) plus non-Muslim allies in the developing world, led by China, Russia, Cuba and Venezuela.

The OIC argues that religion needs to be protected from “defamation” – acts such as the publication of newspaper cartoons satirizing Mohammed, or the suggestion that the Koran promotes violence against non-Muslims. (In other words, for Muslims, defamation = telling the truth about Islam)

Although its resolutions purport to cover all religions, Islam is the only one cited by name. The text passed by the Third Committee voices concern that “Islam is frequently and wrongly associated with human rights violations and terrorism.”

The OIC campaign has been confronted by freedom of expression advocates who say the bloc is trying to shield Islam, its teachings, practices, institutions and leaders, from legitimate criticism or scrutiny.

Iranian dissident

Critics say defamation prohibitions should cover individuals, not religions. They charge that resolution proponents are trying to introduce in Western societies similar restrictions to those enforced in some Islamic countries, where converts from Islam or those with dissident views risk trial for apostasy or blasphemy. CNS NEWS