Arabs proudly serving in the Israeli Army. Who knew?

Unlike U.S. Army terrorist, Major Hasan, these bedouin Arabs have no problem fighting fellow Arabs/Muslims. They consider the Jewish state their country and feel an obligation to give something back for all rights and privileges they enjoy in Israel.

They also have the full support of their families. Bedouins are believers in Islam where the majority of them are Sunni.

There is a group in the United States called ARABS FOR ISRAEL who support the State of Israel and the cause of peace in the Middle East.

Muslim leader, Nonie Darwish, alleges that Islamist public-relations groups, like Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) are mercenary spin-doctors for extremist Islamist economic & political interests in America. Among ARABS FOR ISRAEL positions are:

* The existence of the State of Israel is a fact that we accept.
*Israel is a legitimate state that is not a threat but an asset in the Middle East.
*Every major World religion has a center of gravity. Islam has Mecca, and Judaism has Jerusalem

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