Barack HUSSEIN Obama: Keeping the world safe for Islamic terrorists and Shari’a Law

President Obama appoints two DEVOUT MUSLIMS (devout as in Major Hasan of Fort Hood) to high positions in the Department of Homeland Security.

Arif Alikhan

Just days after the terrorist shooting at Fort Hood, Texas by a devout Muslim in the military, Janet Napolitanto appointed two other devout Muslims to positions within the Department of Homeland Security.

Devout Muslim Arif Alikhan was appointed to Assistant Secretary for Policy Development at DHS. Before his appointment, Alikhan was Deputy Mayor of Los Angeles – in charge of public safety for the city – a position he held since 2006.

Kareem Shora

In 2007, Alikhan was instrumental in removing the Muslim terror tracking plan in Los Angeles.

Also appointed was devout Muslim Kareem Shora, who was born in Damascus, Syria. Shora is now a member of the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC). His appointment was loudly applauded by the Arab-American Anti-Discrimination Comittee (ADC).

Shora joined ADC in 2000 as legal council and is a vocal advocate for Muslim civil rights. The ADC reportedly has close ties to anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian terrorist professor Rashid Khalidi. LINK

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