“I would not have done anything differently,” says terrorist muse, Lynne Stewart

Before surrendering to authorities on Wednesday afternoon to begin serving a measly 28 month sentence for providing material support to Sheikh Omar Abdul Rahman (the mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing in 1993), Maoist sympathizer, terrorist enabler and traitor Lynne Stewart took time out for an interview with Marxist Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! network.

It was a spectacle reminiscent of the way the state-controlled newspaper Pravda would conduct its fawning interviews of Josef Stalin during the days of the old Soviet-Union.

Stewart, you will recall, was the attorney for Rahman (the “Blind Sheikh”), and after his conviction for his role in the 1993 bombing was arrested herself for passing information from her imprisoned client to Rahman’s “Islamic Group,” a terror organization based in Egypt with connections to al-Qaeda. Stewart was disbarred and convicted, and although she faced a 30-year prison term, in a bizarre judicial twist was ultimately sentenced to only a fraction of that.

Although she vigorously fought her slap on the wrist sentence, claiming she was merely a “zealous advocate” for Rahman, a three-judge panel revoked Stewart’s bail and ordered her to begin serving the sentence immediately, ruling: “a genuinely held intent to represent a client ‘zealously’ is not necessarily inconsistent with criminal intent.”

Stewart remains defiant, and her interview with Goodman shows that she is just as dedicated to the cause of America’s enemies in 2009 as she was in 1993.  When asked by Goodman for her reaction to the initial ruling, for example, Stewart tried to portray her treasonous act as a larger constitutional issue: NEWS REAL

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