IRAN: Under Islamic law, a graffiti artist gets the same sentence as a political dissident

Pretty soon, under our own fascist Muslim-in-Chief, criticizing the government will be equal to aiming a gun at his head. He’s already trying to control the internet, talk radio, and has signed onto Muslim-instigated anti-blasphemy resolutions at the U.N.

The most famous piece of Iranian graffiti is probably the deathly Statue of Liberty painted on the wall of the former US Embassy in Tehran. There’s far more to street art than anti-American paintings however, and in the past two years, it’s become more popular than ever.

There are no legal surfaces to graffiti on in Tehran. Even if the owner of a house wanted an artist to paint the outdoor wall of his property, the police would be sent round to warn them that it’s forbidden and the city council would then remove the painting. It’s not about making the city look clean, it’s about controlling it (Very Obamaesque).

Like other cultural ‘crimes’, graffiti is considered a dissident activity. A graffiti artist caught by the police is sentenced in the same way as a political activist. Journalists, graphic designers all risk being imprisoned for what they call ‘the security of the nation.’  OBSERVERS.france24