Italians give new meaning to the term “White Christmas”

The mayor of the Northern Italian town of Coccaglio has launched a campaign to “clean-up” the city of immigrants, ahead of the Christian holidays next month.

Gee, I wonder what kind of ‘immigrants’ they are referring to?

The “White Christmas” campaign is being spearheaded by Claretti and six town councillors from Italy’s ruling conservative People of Freedom party and its junior coalition partner, the anti-immigrant Northern League party.

“For me, Christmas is not the holiday of hospitality, but instead that of the Christian tradition, of our identity,” said Coccaglio’s councillor in charge of security, Claudio Abiendi, from the Northern League, quoted by Italian daily La Repubblica. (In other words, NO Happy Holidays BS here)

The operation will see police officers going to every home in the town to make sure its residents have their immigration documents in order, otherwise they will lose their residence and risk deportation. The move also applies to those whose legal permit of stay expired over six months ago and cannot prove that they have begun the procedure to renew it.

Coccaglio has a population of 7,000 residents of which more than 1,550 are immigrants, most of them MUSLIMS from Morocco, Albania, and from the former Yugoslavia. The nearby towns of Castelcovati and Castrezzatoare also beginning to copy Coccaglio’s idea, La Repubblica reported. ADNKRONOS