Left-wing Traitor Nicolas Cage pays respects to SOMALI MUSLIM PIRATES in prison

Why the hell is he visiting MUSLIM TERRORISTS instead of American troops?

Nicolas Cage was in Kenya visiting imprisoned Somali pirates on Tuesday just days after he lost his two houses in New Orleans in foreclosure and he was hit with a countersuit by the former business manager he is suing for fraud. (GOOD! Couldn’t happen to more deserving schmuck)

Cage, a UN Goodwill Ambassador on Drugs & Crime, was in Mombasa (OBAMA’S BIRTHPLACE) to tour the Shimo La Tewa prison, where many captured Somali pirates are being held. “I’m in a position where I can actually make some sense and talk about it when I go back to the States,” Cage told The Associated Press. (IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT. I hope they behead him there)

The star of the new “Bad Lieutenant” remake, who owes the IRS $6.6 million, might be safer in Kenya, where he won’t be able to spend his Hollywood millions so quickly. NY POST