Looks like nobody in China was bowing down to Chairman OBAMAO either

46% of Chinese Web users say that they “do not like” Obama. Looking at online forums however, the extent of this dislike appears to be much stronger.

US President Barack Obama was treated to a grandiose welcome in Beijing, where he met his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao on Tuesday. The pair agreed to strengthen ties between the two countries. But on the Web, feelings were not so warm. For Lin20000xin, “This meeting with the American is stupid and pointless.”

Contributor Wugu Shenlong says that “There’s not one good thing about those American fiends.” ‘Map’ suggests that “The Senate has passed a law that means Americans have to kneel in front of a statue of Barack Obama when they get up and go to bed. (Not yet, but soon) “There are also racist comments, like the following one from Milkman 007: The nigger is a cross-breed trying to conquer the world and mankind.OBSERVERS.france24

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