Eric Holder gives carte blanche to Muslim terrorists to come here and attack us

As Islamic terrorists were cheering all over the world, the Muslim-in-Chief’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, said racial profiling was bad policy that breeds mistrust and division.

Reaching out to Arab Americans and Muslims,  he also said that their full rights must be protected as the country battles security threats. “This is not blind adherence to political correctness.” (YES, IT IS!)

“For the last nine months, I’ve heard from Muslim and Arab Americans who feel uneasy about their relationship with their government, who feel isolated and discriminated against by law enforcement,” Holder said. “It is inconsistent with what America is all about.” (No it isn’t. MUSLIMS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR ‘ALL’ THE TERRORISM IN THIS COUNTRY)

Holder also addressed metro Detroit tensions over the Oct. 28 shooting death of Luqman Ameen Abdullah, the head of a Detroit mosque, by federal agents who were going to arrest him on suspicions that he dealt with stolen goods. (Did he apoligize for this too?)

“The dialogue between law enforcement and those in the Muslim and Arab-American communities has been tested in recent weeks by events here in Michigan and events far away,” he said. (That’s why we need MORE PROFILING, not less) Detroit Free Press

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