SOMALI MUSLIMS post video of themselves beating up Americans in St. Paul, MN

YouTUBE video worsens Somali reputation in America (as if it weren’t bad enough already) Of course, You(ISLAMO-friendly)TUBE has already removed the video but you can see it here.

A group of young, Somali MUSLIM men posted a video of themselves attacking pedestrians and bicyclists in St. Paul.

The suspects openly identify themselves in the video, and then attack unknowing victims. None of the victims have reported any of the attacks. St. Paul police is urging victims to step forward, if they recognize themselves in the video.

The Midtown Greenway Coalition reported an incident of assault on the Greenway on Sunday, Nov. 15. A bicyclist was riding along the Greenway near 18th Ave. around 5:15 p.m. when they came across seven or eight young people running down the banks alongside the path, jumping and making noise. The bicyclist attempted to alert a trailing rider, but they didn’t hear the alert and were chased down and knocked off their bike. FOX NEWS

Immigration from Somalia into the US began in the early 1990s when the civil war started. Since then, tens of thousands of Somalis have arrived in the country (AT U.S. TAXPAYER EXPENSE), and Minnesota has received the most.  The city estimates that 60-70,000 residents are of Somali origin.