BOYCOTT ‘BEST BUY’ – They wish MUSLIMS “Happy EID” but won’t wish Christians “Merry Christmas”

Finally, a holiday that Best Buy Electronic Superstores can embrace – ‘EID al-ADHA’ – a MUSLIM festivity known for the brutal throat-slitting of goats.

Best Buy – the company that will not allow the words “Merry Christmas” in its advertising – has no problem wishing MUSLIMS a “Happy Eid al-Adha” – an important MUSLIM holiday.

Just what is Best Buy trying to tell us when they pay tribute to the same people who keep giving us terrorist attacks? Well, as the most notorious Muslim in Britain, ‘Christmas is evil’, Anjem Choudary, likes to say, Whomever wishes someone a Merry Christmas exposes himself to the wrath and anger of Allah.” (I wonder if Best Buy has added Muslim prayer rooms and footbaths to their stores yet? )

Three years ago, electronics retail giant Best Buy was in the middle of the “War on Christmas”controversy. A company spokeswoman – Dawn Bryant – announced they would not use the word “Christmas” in their advertising: “We are going to continue to use the term holiday because there are several holidays throughout that time period, and we certainly need to be respectful of all of them.” (HAH!)

Hmm… so mentioning “Christmas” in its advertising is somehow disrespectful of other holidays? They have since started using the word Christmas in some ads – but it’s very limited. The American Family Association lists Best Buy as a company that “marginalizes Christmas” .

But this weekend, we learned a bit more about Best Buy’s bizarre corporate logic toward Christmas and other holidays. Here is the advertising circular that was in Sunday newspapers all across the nation – including the Seattle Times.

No “Happy Thanksgiving” – although there is a directive to shop online on Thanksgiving Day. Merry Christmas is not allowed in their ads. But Eid al-Adha? Let’s all celebrate with a plasma TV!

Listener Neal brought this ad to my attention. He wrote: “This makes my blood boil that they will go out of their way to have a Muslim festival recognized that has nothing to do with their sale and then they won’t even acknowledge or give a Thanksgiving Day well wishing.”

Let me be clear: I think the whole “War on Christmas” controversy is overblown. But I cannot wrap my brain around a company that shuns Christmas while embracing Eid al-Adha. Political correctness sure does inspire inconsistent, hypocritical lunacy. MY NORTHWEST H/T THE MAD JEWESS

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