AFGHAN-GERMAN man gets life for honor-killing his sister for her ‘Western’ ways

In a crime that outraged Germany, the man, identified as Ahmad-Sobair O., knifed his 16-year-old sister Morsal 23 times as he believed she brought dishonor to their family by wearing Western-style clothes and make-up.

The Federal Court of Justice said it was “convinced that the accused committed the crime because his sister, in his opinion, had ‘stained the family’s honour’.” The court rejected the appeal that the man was psychologically deranged and upheld the initial judgement by a lower court in Hamburg, in the north of the country.

The killer, aged 24 at the time, had said during his trial that he was “sorry from the bottom of his heart” for his actions. “That was my sister and I loved her,” he told the court, breaking down in tears. Germany has been shocked by around 50 so-called “honor killings” since 1996, mainly in the country’s large Turkish diaspora. (So-called? SO-CALLED? Sheeeeeesh!) THE LOCAL via Religion of Peace

Ahmad’s a lot luckier than this guy who was sentenced to death by a Shari’a court in Afghanistan for reading an article on women’s rights.

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