RUSSIAN Train Derailment reported as possible ISLAMIC TERROR ATTACK

At least 22 25 39 dead and over 50 100 injured after luxury train derailed in Russia amid terror attack claims.

At least 22 people were killed after a Russian train derailed last night amid claims of a terror attack. Around 55 more passengers were injured when four carriages of the luxury train travelling from Moscow to St Petersburg came off the tracks.

Fears of an attack by Chechen rebels were raised after a 3ft-wide crater was found at the site, indicating a bomb may have been planted along the line at Bologoye, 200 miles from the capital.

Witnesses also heard a ‘loud slap’ seconds before the disaster happened at 9.30pm local time (6.30pm GMT). ‘All of this could point to a possible act of terrorism,’ a source at the FSB state security service said.

An official at Russian Railways added: ‘We are told this could have been a terrorist act.’ However, an electrical fault has also been mentioned as a possible cause.

President Dmitry Medvedev was immediately informed and has launched an urgent investigation into the tragedy. ‘Mr Medvedev told the director of FSB federal security service, Alexander Bortnikov, and Prosecutor-General, Yuri Chaika, to take all necessary steps to investigate the accident,’ a Kremlin spokesman said.

Transport officials said trains were being diverted along alternative lines on one of Russia’s busiest routes. In 2007, 30 people were injured when the same Nevsky Express train was derailed after an explosion damaged rails.

A group of suspects are now being tried for that attack in the northwestern city of Novgorod. They are suspected of links to a leading Chechen rebels, Doku Umarov. UK DAILY MAIL

UPDATE: A second bomb has exploded at Russian train crash site. So much for any theories about an ‘electrical fault.’ Our media has yet to call it ISLAMIC TERRORISM but I am.

A second, less powerful bomb exploded on Saturday at the site of a Russian train crash, though no one was injured, the head of Russia’s state railway operator said.

Russian Railways chief Vladimir Yakunin said the bomb went off at 2:00 p.m. (1100 GMT) near the site of the first blast which officials said caused the luxury express train to career off the tracks. HINDUSTAN TIMES

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