Al-QAEDA KIDS: Terrorists ‘R’ Us

But Obama’s terrorist-friendly Rules of Engagement forbid US troops from searching women and children in Afghanistan.

A TINY girl aged barely two sucks her fingers in childish innocence – while grasping an AK-47 assault rifle almost as big as her.

The tot, in full Muslim dress, was made to pose with the weapon dubbed the “Widowmaker” as part of a sickening propaganda stunt staged by extremists of the Islamic Jihad Union, linked to al-Qaeda.

The group – who target British and US troops from lairs on the Afghan border with Pakistan – also pictured the girl and five other toddlers with heavy weapons in front of a black Islamic flag.

Three boys aged five or six wield rifles in another chilling image posted online.

The Muslim Council of Britain says, “it can never be acceptable to use children in this appalling manner for cheap propaganda purposes. (What they mean is, stop making propaganda videos with children and turn them into suicide bombers) UK SUN