Why are MUSLIMS OUTRAGED that the FBI is infiltrating mosques? Apparently they must have something to hide.

EVERY mosque is a potential breeding ground for terrorists. They should all be infiltrated, wire-tapped, or whatever it takes. Not all Muslims are terrorists but all terrorists (since 9/11) have been Muslims.

Even the Seattle cop killer was a Muslim (which you won’t hear in the mainstream media): seattle-cop-killers-muslim-connection

Craig Monteilh went to court to get ammunition in a $10 million lawsuit against the FBI. No one denies that the bulky, bald Monteilh was an FBI informant. However, the FBI does deny that its informants target Muslim mosques as Monteilh alleges.

“I was instructed by my FBI handlers to infiltrate as many as possible using my undercover name Faroq Al Aziz,” said Monteilh. “I was instructed to direct my efforts to suspected leadership in mosques.” Monteil wants a judge to unseal records of a hearing involving Ahmadullah Sais Niazi. Niazi allegedly has ties to al-Qaeda, and an FBI agent testified at that hearing that Niazi was secretly recorded by an informant threatening to blow up buildings.

(That’s right, let the terrorists go free, and prosecute the people who catch them. This country is doomed as long as there are Stalin-worshippers and Allah-worshippers here)

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