ENGLISH DEFENSE LEAGUE anti-Islamization protest turns violent

Angry protesters, fed up with the growing Islamization of their country, chant, “We want our country back.” “Protect women, NO to Shari’a.” “NO Surrender.”

No, they are NOT racists, NOT fascists, they are British loyalists, fighting a domestic enemy.

More than 700 officers were involved in the £1m security operation to prevent violence during the rally outside Nottingham Castle.

Supt Mick Luke, in charge of the police operation, said tempers flared when some protesters tried to break off from the agreed route of the march.

He told Sky News: “There were a few who were determined to go where we didn’t want them to go, although they eventually complied.” Police on horseback used batons and those on the ground used dogs to contain the violence.

The EDL claims it is not a racist organisation and has no links to the BNP and is making a stand against the threat of Islamic extremism. One man, who did not want to be identified, defended the group’s right to protest. “Everyone says the EDL are Nazis but I am a black British man. My grandfather was Jewish so I would never be a Nazi,” he said.

“The British Government doesn’t really represent local people. The BNP get votes out of people’s frustration.” An EDL spokesman said they had organised the demo to coincide with a home-coming parade by the Mercian Regiment, which lost five soldiers during their recent tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Supporters of the Unite Against Fascism group also held a counter-demonstration in the city. James Newton, fromNottinghamshire Stop the BNP, said: “The reason we’re here is because we believe the EDL is clearly a racist organisation.

“There are people who say we shouldn’t turn up but if we don’t it will give the EDL confidence that they can do what they want. SKY NEWS