As Iran reminds students that Anti-Americanism Is a ‘National and Religious Duty’…

Iranian protesters take to the streets shouting, “Death to the Dictator Ahmadinejad.”

Security forces and militiamen clashed with thousands of protesters shouting “death to the dictator” outside Tehran University on Monday, beating them with batons and firing tear gas on a day of nationwide student demonstrations, (while America’s Dictator-in-Chief continues to refuse to support the anti-Iranian regime protesters.)

Supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warned that Israel, the U.S. and other enemies are trying to sow dissent and division, having failed to weaken Iran in other ways. “The Zionists, the Americans, and other arrogant powers are afraid that the Iranian nation will become an example [to other Islamic nations] … and that is why they have been using every trick and plot in order to isolate Iran,” he said in a speech Sunday.

Khamenei said Iran’s foreign foes had failed to achieve their ends over the 30 years since the Islamic revolution, and would continue to do so. “By Allah’s favor, these enemies have not managed to achieve their goals so far, and they will not do so in the future either.” (Especially now that there is an IslamoFascist-sympathizer in the White House) READ MORE: CNS NEWS

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