MUSLIM TERRORIST Front Group CAIR perpetrates LEGAL JIHAD on America

Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), unindicted co-conspirators in a Hamas financing case uncovered by the FBI, is using Muslim brother, Barack Hussein Obama’s Hate Crimes Legislation in nearly every case they bring against American businesses and citizens, even simple burglary and vandalism cases.

They don’t need to fly planes into buildings, they are attempting to bring down Americans by using our own legal system. These short videos demonstrate how CAIR tries to make every incident involving Muslims a hate crime or a bias incident.

SACRAMENTO – Vandalism and Burglary at a mosque is called a hate crime by CAIR.

NORTH CAROLINA – CAIR demands  a federal probe into the recent vandalism of a Durham mosque.

MINNESOTA – CAIR demands religious rights for a teen girl who wants a restaurant to ignore its own dress code and hire her wearing a Muslim sack  on her head.

FLORIDA – CAIR demands the FBI investigate a vandalism case of broken windows as a hate crime on a Muslim mosque school.

U.S.A. – CAIR demands a company be forced to stop sending out a video critical of radical Islam because they consider it hate speech designed to incite violence.

TEXAS – CAIR calls for FBI Probe of Hate Graffiti at a mosque.

FLORIDA – CAIR accuses the radio program, RADIO JIHAD, of promoting hate speech against Muslims.

GEORGIA – CAIR seeks sanctions against judge who jailed a woman for refusing to remove her headscarf in his court during a hearing.

COLORADO – CAIR sues Swift Meat Packing plant for firing 120 Somali Muslim employees who demanded special floating prayer times several times a day during the month of Ramadan. The Muslim swine won the case. Any employer who hires a Muslim deserves what he gets.

Although CAIR would have you believe Muslims are facing hate crimes at every turn, according to an FBI study on hate crimes, it’s actually much safer to be a Muslim in America than a Jew in America:

There were 1,606 hate crime offenses motivated by religious bias in 2008. A breakdown of these offenses shows:

65.7 percent were anti-Jewish.
13.2 percent were anti-other religion.
7.7 percent were anti-Islamic.
4.7 percent were anti-Catholic.
4.2 percent were anti-multiple religions, group.
3.7 percent were anti-Protestant.
0.9 percent were anti-Atheism/Agnosticism/etc.