PARIS: “Please get off the sidewalks. Can’t you see Muslims are praying here?”

Why don’t the French police use stink bombs to disperse this disgusting display of Muslim ass?Nobody is able to walk on these streets or sidewalks when the Muslims are out there kneeling. They all should be charged with littering, loitering, vagrancy, something.

What’s the matter, aren’t there enough mosques in Paris to hold all this Muslim garbage? The sidewalks on the rue des Poissonniers are totally covered with Muslims kneeling on prayer rugs.

A black Muslim wearing a djellaba and an orange arm band with the word “security”, calls to the people who are standing around on the sidewalk watching the prayer: “Please get off the sidewalk. People will be praying there!”

In the Middle Ages they called that “being in charge of the street”. It meant that those in a superior social position had reserved for their own use the part of the street closest to the houses, which was higher than the center of the street where the filthy waters flowed, while those in an inferior social position had to walk in those waters.

Closer to our own time, in North Africa until the 19th century, the Muslims forbade the Jews to walk in the clean part of the street, forcing them to use instead the part where the garbage was thrown.

And here we are today, in the middle of Paris, with Muslims reintroducing this barbaric practice, forcing non-Muslims to walk in the sewer, while the Muslims occupy the sidewalks!

The prayer is over . The Muslims put their shoes back on, fold their rugs and take off in their cars. The visitor automatically looks at the license plates of the cars and notices with surprise that they come for the most part from the suburbs. We are informed that many Muslims who pray here do not live in the neighborhood. It is not rare, we learn, to find cars with their doors wide open on rue Léon, as the owners rush to arrive before the end of the prayer.

So it isn’t out of lack of space in the mosque that they pray in the open air every Friday, blocking the streets, but because so many of them come from the suburbs to pray in public, to occupy these Parisian streets that the French authorities turned over to them long ago! What is this if not a deliberate Islamist strategy to take control of public spaces and impose their law on non-Muslims? GALLIAH WATCH

So where is Sarkozy? He banned the burka, but is allowing this crap to continue?