I wonder if British taxpayers realize they are subsidizing schools run by Islamic terrorist groups?

Haringey Council – the authority which sent a foster child sent to live with the family of one of the airline bomb plotters – has just announced the outcome of its official review into a school run by supporters of the extremist, racist and separatist Islamic group, Hizb-ut-Tahrir, which received $184,000 of public money.


Hizb-ut-Tahrir is a political party whose ideology is Islam, so politics is its work and Islam is its ideology. Its purpose was to revive the Islamic Ummah and to liberate it from the thoughts, systems and laws of Kufr (infidels), as well as the domination and influence of the Kufr states. It also aims to restore the Islamic Khilafah State so that the ruling by what Allah (swt) revealed returns. It also aims to bring back the Islamic guidance for mankind and to lead the Ummah into a struggle with Kufr, its systems and its thoughts so that Islam encapsulates the world.

The funding was suspended after I exposed it six weeks ago in the Telegraph. The claim that “no evidence was found to suggest inappropriate influence” is breathtaking. The evidence is a chapter in a Hizb ut Tahrir pamphlet written by one of the three trustees who run the school, Farah Ahmed – who’s also headteacher of the Haringey school’s sister establishment in Slough. Mrs Ahmed has refused to deny that she was a member of Hizb ut Tahrir. And the verdict? “No evidence was found to suggest inappropriate content or influence in the school.” Funding has resumed.

This chapter does more than “suggest inappropriate influence.” It screams it from every page.

Mrs Ahmed attacks the religious studies elements of the National Curriculum for “primarily push[ing]…the idea of ‘religious tolerance’.” This, she says, “further aids distancing the Muslim child from the concept of Islam being the only reference point.”

She criticises the curriculum’s “systematic indoctrination” of Muslim children “to build ‘model British citizens’” and to “integrate all individuals into the fabric of secular society and develop them as personalities who uphold the values adopted by the society around them.” “Naturally,” she says, “such a system [secular capitalism] will not be suitable to the needs of Muslim students as the aqeedah [belief system] of the Muslim is in complete contradiction to this.”

She decries “attempts to integrate Muslim children” into British society as an effort “to produce new generations that reject Islam.”

She describes English as “one of the most damaging subjects” a school can teach and attacks fairy tales, saying these “reflect secular and immoral beliefs that contradict the viewpoint of Islam.”

Mrs Ahmed attacks the “obvious dangers” of Shakespeare, including “Romeo and Juliet, which advocates disobeying parents and premarital relations,” and “Macbeth, which questions the concepts of fate and destiny.” She describes democracy as a “corrupt tradition,” and Western education as “a threat to our beliefs and values.”

I know for a fact that others have also supplied Haringey with the another doucument, the school’s curriculum, which has clear echoes of Hizb ut Tahrir ideology. I ask in all seriousness: what more evidence do they need?

It is my strong suspicion that Labour-controlled Haringey is desperately trying to cover the back of its ultimate political master, the Schools Secretary, Ed Balls, who dropped a massive clanger a couple of weeks ago by backing the schools after they were attacked by David Cameron.

But though Balls may have been stupid, he didn’t have this document in front of him when he gave the schools the all-clear. Haringey Council did. That makes them, in my view, complicit in delivering impressionable young children into the hands of fundamentalists – with a handy Government subsidy to help them on their way.  UK TELEGRAPH

But Hizb-ut-Tahrir isn’t just a British problem.