What is Obama trying to cover up about the Food Hood MUSLIM JIHADIST mass murderer?

Obama Administration is STALLING on giving Congress intelligence about Fort Hood Shooter, says Rep, Pete Hoekstra (R-MI).

Maybe they are too busy shredding all the evidence?  I guess it’s hard for Obama to rat out a fellow Muslim, even a mass murderer. Or should I say ESPECIALLY a mass murderer of American troops for whom he holds such disdain?

Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.), ranking member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, says the Obama administration is stalling in providing information to the leaders of the House and Senate and the congressional intelligence committees on the multiple murders allegedly committed by a radical Muslim Army officer at Fort Hood more than a month ago.

So far, the committee chairman and congressional leaders have received no detailed, substantive briefing on the event and what is known about its perpetrator. “You know, they’re playing out the string,” Hoekstra said Thursday. “We’re going home next week, (and) they will have effectively made it through three months with giving no substantive briefings on Fort Hood.”

CNSNews.com asked Hoekstra whether it was “a constitutional affront not to have the Gang of 8 briefed on this?”“Oh yeah, sure, absolutely,” said Hoekstra. The Gang of 8 is a group of leaders from the House and Senate who by law are supposed to be briefed on U.S. intelligence activities when the matter is too sensitive to share with the full intelligence committees. The group includes the chairmen and ranking members of the House and Senate intelligence committees and the majority and minority leaders of each chamber.

When a reporter said he thought the Gang of 8 had been briefed on the intelligence report regarding the attack, Hoekstra said the committees had been given a preliminary briefing a few weeks ago that lacked substantive information.

On November 5, U.S. Army Major Nidal Malik Hasan, a psychiatrist in the Army Medical Corps, allegedly shouted “Allahu akbar!” before opening fire in a facility on the Fort Hood military base in Texas, killing 13, including one civilian, and injuring 30 more. It was later reported that U.S. intelligence agencies knew Hasan had been communicating with a radical imam, Anwar al-Aulaqi, who had fled the United States and was believed to be operating a radical jihadist website out of Yemen.

Hoekstra, who has been asking for more information on Hasan and the murders at Fort Hood since he wrote a November 9 letter to Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair and the heads of each intelligence agency, said the Obama administration was not being transparent.

“I know that the (Fort Hood) report was delivered to the President on November 30, so I talked to Director Blair last week and said, ‘Hey, I’d just like an update,’ you know? There are a lot—potentially lots—of areas that have ties to foreign intelligence and foreign threats– international threats. Give us an update,” said Hoekstra.

But let's not jump to any conclusions...

“I’d like to know who Hasan was in contact with, what happened to his money and these types of things. Who else he might have been talking to in the United States? All of this kind of information. Supposedly we got access to his computers, supposedly we got access to his email, his phone records, financial records, all of these kinds of things,” said Hoekstra.

When Hoekstra was asked if he wanted to be briefed on the President’s report or on the Fort Hood incident in general, he said: “ On anything–on any intelligence that they’ve gathered! They are not willing to share it with the intelligence committee. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what his—shouldn’t the intelligence committee know what his relationship was to Aulaqi, what other foreign people he would be talking to? No briefing.”

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