BLAME AMERICA FIRST CBS says, 'American bigotry and Anti-Muslim propaganda cause rise in Homegrown Terrorism'

Muslim community leaders here say young people are being driven to extremes by post-9/11 anti-Muslim propaganda.

CBS Evening News correspondent Kimberly Dozier reported on a recent rise in homegrown Islamic extremism in the United States and explored the motivation behind it: “… terrorism experts agree militant Islam is becoming an American problem….the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan make potent recruiting tools. They’re portrayed by the militants as America’s war on Islam.”

Anti-WHAT kind of propaganda?

Dozier went on to cite American bigotry as another cause: “Muslim community leaders here say young people are also being driven to extremes by post-9/11 anti-Muslim propaganda like this.An obscure anti-Muslim video was played as she continued: “And rising incidents of genuine anti-Muslim discrimination. Civil rights complaints have jumped 10 percent in just the past year, according to the Council on American Islamic Relations.”

While using TERRORIST FRONT GROUP CAIR, currently under FBI investigation for financing terrorism, as a credible source, Dozier only briefly mentioned the organization’s radical ties: “There’s been tension between the FBI and the Council over alleged links to militant groups which it denies.” She then offered a dismissive statement from C.A.I.R.: “It says U.S. authorities should start using the Muslim community as a resource, not an adversary, to help it police its own. (Kind of like asking the fox to guard the hen house) NEWSBUSTERS

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