Canada's shockingly light punishments for MUSLIM perpetrators of thwarted 9/11-type terrorist attack leave Canadians shaking their heads

The plan was to kill as many Canadians as possible. On the night of 06/02/2006, 400 officers of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police arrested 10  suspects for Islamic terror activity inspired by al-Qaeda. The next day 7 more suspects were arrested.

From June ’07 – A terror suspect in Canada has been accused of plotting to behead the country’s prime minister. Steven Chand was one of 17 people arrested during Canada’s largest counter-terrorism operation.

Several of them are charged with planning bombings in major Canadian cities and training militants. Police have said more arrests are possible. Chand’s lawyer, Gary Batasar, said prosecutors had accused the 25-year-old of wanting to chop off PM Stephen Harper’s head. Members of the group are reportedly alleged to have plotted to attack the Canadian parliament in Ottawaand take hostages to force the government to withdraw Canadian troops from Afghanistan. The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation building in Toronto and power grids were also alleged targets, Mr Batasar said. SKY NEWS

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