Britain's NatWest Bank gave al-Qaeda Terrorist a 100% mortgage for home he turned into a bomb-making factory

Al-Qaeda MUSLIM TERRORIST who smuggled himself into Britain, Albanian Krenar Lusha, 30, was given $152,000 after NatWest failed to complete full checks on his UK status.

He used the cash to buy a house in Derby, where he stored bomb-making equipment and information on how to carry out attacks. The illegal immigrant also managed to get a UK driving licence, secure a $49,000-a-year engineering job and was even offered a second mortgage – which he declined.

Lusha opened a NatWest bank account in 2000, soon after he sneaked into Britain on the back of a lorry. When bank staff were asked about its dealings with Lusha, one mortgage advisor told Preston Crown Court: ‘He was just a pleasant natured person and there was nothing untoward.’

Yesterday Lusha was jailed for seven years after he was convicted of five out of 10 terror charges following a three-week trial. Tory MP David Davies said: ‘It is extraordinary that a major high street bank gave a mortgage to an illegal immigrant. (I’d guess it isn’t so extraordinary in the UK)

‘This has only come to light because terrorism charges have been brought against an individual so can we assume that hundreds of other illegal immigrants have also been given mortgages? ‘The banks should now run urgent checks to find out and to take action against those who are found to be illegally in the country.’

A jury heard how he boasted to a string of women on dating websites of being a ‘terrorist’ and a ‘sniper’ and how he ‘loved’ to see Jews and Americans killed.

Lusha denied 10 counts of possessing articles which gave rise to a reasonable suspicion that they were for a terror-related purpose.However, the jury of six men and six women convicted him on five counts after deliberating for four days.

Lusha was convicted of possessing 71.8 litres of petrol, computer documents called Ragnar’s Detonators and The Bomb Book, and video films called the Hezbollah Military Instructions Manual and Mobile Detonators.

The jury heard that he was in the process of downloading the Hezbollah videos when police visited his home in Derby on August 26 last year.

Prosecutor Nigel Godsmark QC told the court that the Hezbollah instructional videos were in Arabic and advised how to make detonators, explosives, a missile and a suicide bomber belt.

Mr Godsmark told the court there was also gruesome footage of live beheadings by extreme Islamic groups.

Lusha told the jury that he studied Islam and Arabic in Qatar as a youth and that it was not possible to discuss religion in Communist Albania when he was a teen. He also admitted possessing fake identification documents, including bogus Italian and Yugoslavian driving licences. UK DAILY MAIL

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