The local media have launched a full-scale cover-up not only to try and hide the desecration of the town’s war memorial with Islamist graffiti, but instead to blame it on the RIGHT WING.

Sometime during the night of 8/9th December, unknown vandals spray painted the words “Islam will dominate the world” on the war memorial in Burton town centre. A passing member of the public spotted the graffiti and, filled with horror, snapped a picture (BELOW).

The Burton Mail was then informed of the desecration, and a short while later an article appeared in the paper — which ignored the nature of the graffiti and without any justification or evidence of any sort said that the “right wing” was to blame.

The Burton Mail’s article even boasted that it had censored the picture so that no-one could see what the graffiti actually said. Angered at the censorship, the photographer then handed over the pictures to this website for publication.

As a result of the Burton Mail’s censorship, any person reading that article would most certainly think that some “right wing” slogan had been scrawled all over the monument.

True to form, the Burton Mail only called the East Staffordshire Racial Equality Council for comment. A Mr Dennis Fletcher from that organisation was then quoted as saying that he “suspected someone from the far right was responsible.”

He said: “Graffiti of any type is terrible but when it includes racist material it has to be considered utterly unacceptable.”In other words, the Burton Mail tried its very best to completely invert the memorial desecration by innuendo to imply that it was the work of the “far right” and that it was “racist” as well.

It is however even more irresponsible and actually an outright lie to claim that the graffiti was “racist” when it in fact called for the Islamic religion to dominate.

The use of the word “racist” in this regard by the Burton Mail can only be meant to create a sense that “white racists” are to blame.LINK