Why do Muslims need billboards to FURTHER promote Islam in Minnesotastan?

Muslims (supported by their liberal IslamoFascist-apologist friends) have already legal jihaded their way into turning Minnesota into America’s first Islamic State.

Hoping to encourage interfaith dialogue, an Islamic organization will unveil a pair of billboards in Minneapolis this week. The Minnesota chapter of the TERRORIST FRONT GROUP Islamic Circle of North America plans to unveil the billboards Friday, the eve of the Islamic New Year.

The billboards will be placed along Hiawatha Avenue in south Minneapolis and Central Avenue on the North Side.

They are part of a nationwide multimedia campaign that also includes placing posters on buses and subways in other big cities.

The billboards will display a toll-free telephone number where people can get answers to questions about Islam, as well as obtain free copies of the Qur’an and other Islamic literature.

“Got Questions? Get Answers,” the billboard states.

In a prepared statement, the campaign’s organizers are quoted as saying, Islam is often a ‘MISUNDERSTOOD’ religion, leading some to hold bias views of Islam with discrimination and suspicion of Muslims. This ad campaign will provide an opportunity for the people of Twin Cities to take a fresh and positive look at Islam.” STAR TRIBUNE

No, everything we needed to know about Islam, we learned on 9/11.

Now HERE’S an honest billboard about Islam.

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