Severed pig's ear sent to Muslim organization in Germany

Hatred for Muslims is spreading throughout Europe and the outcry against Islam is growing louder every day. Maybe the world will wake up in time and save itself from the scourge of Islamization, after all.

A package with a severed pig’s ear was delivered to a Muslim organisation in Cologne on Wednesday by unknown perpetrators, the group’s leader said.

The gruesome delivery was accompanied by a note calling it a “precious relic of all Muslims” and a piece of the Prophet Muhammad, Ali Kizilkaya from the Islamic Council of Germany said.

Below this was the phrase, “Greetings from Michel Friedman – Jews in Germany, (If only that were true) likely in reference to the TV talk show host and former vice-president of the German Jewish Council. Both Muslim and Jewish religious customs consider pigs to be unclean animals and consumption of pork is forbidden.

Kizilkaya speculated whoever sent the package likely only wanted to “offend the Muslims” and start a row between them and Jews in Germany. (Why isn’t there one already? Don’t the stupid Jews realize that the Muslims are the new Nazis of Germany?)

He said the Islamic Council had received an increasing amount of hate mail recently, but decided to involved the police following the incident.

Kizilkaya also accused “some politicians” were stoking prejudices against Muslims in the wake of Switzerland’s vote last month to ban the constructions of mosques with minarets.

“We Muslims and our mosques are a part of Germany,” he said. The LOCAL

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