Keep MARRYING COUSINS, maybe someday you'll render yourselves extinct

Rare gender identity defect, male pseudohermaphrodism, the result of Muslim inbreeding, is taking a toll on Gaza.

“It is astonishing that we have [so] many cases with this defect, which is very rare all over the world,” Abudaia says. He attributes the high frequency of this birth defect in Gaza families to “consanguinity,” or in-breeding.

Gaza City (CNN) — Nadir Mohammed Saleh and Ahmed Fayiz Abed Rabo are cousins and next-door neighbors. With their gelled hair, buttoned-down shirts and jeans, they look much like any other 16-year-old Palestinian boy. But looks, Ahmed says, can be deceiving. “Only my appearance, my haircut and clothing, makes me look like a boy,” Ahmed says, gesturing with his hands across his face. “Inside, I am like a female. I am a girl.”

Until last summer, both Nadir and Ahmed were — for all intents and purposes — girls. They wore female headscarves, attended girls’ school and even answered to the female first names Navin and Ola. Both Nadir and Ahmed were born with a rare birth defect called male pseudohermaphrodism.

Deficiency of the hormone 17-B-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase (17-B-HSD) during pregnancy left their male reproductive organs deformed and buried deep within their abdomens.

At birth, doctors identified Nadir and Ahmed as girls, because they appeared to have female genitalia. As a result, they spent the first 16 years of their lives dressing and acting like girls. It was a role that grew increasingly difficult to play, as they hit puberty and their bodies began generating testosterone, resulting in facial hair and increasingly masculine features.

Finally, on June 22, with the support of their families, both Nadir and Ahmed transformed themselves into boys.

There are an unusually high number of male pseudohermaphrodite births in the Gaza neighborhood of Jabalya, where Nadir and Ahmed live. Dr. Jehad Abudaia, a Canadian-Palestinian pediatrician and urologist practicing in Gaza, says he has diagnosed nearly 80 cases like Nadir’s and Ahmed’s in the last seven years.

“If you want to go to the root of the problem, this problem runs in families in the genes.” Abudaia says. “They want to get married to cousins… they don’t go to another family. This is a problem.”

This unusual ritual has been performed several times in the extended family of Nadir and Ahmed, where sex differentiation is a recurring disorder.

Though Nadir and Ahmed clearly have the love and support of their family, they say that is not enough. They are appealing to the international community to help them get the expensive and complicated sex-change operations they say they need to live normal lives. (Yeah right, let me get my checkbook)

Until the sex-change operation is completed, Palestinian officials won’t change the gender on their identity cards to “male,” thus restricting their access to higher education.

In addition, Nadir and Ahmed complain of health problems like kidney infections due to complications resulting from the disfigurement of their genitalia. Until then, these troubled Palestinians say their genders and their identities will remain in conflict, much like the land around them. (Here’s an idea, don’t **** your cousin) CNN H/T Auntie Madder


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  1. I’m a white Christian female American. There is no inbreeding on either side of my parents’ families. However, skeletal genetic defects run in my mother’s side of the family. One of my brothers and my son had Perthes’ disease, a hipbone degenerative disease, with male pre-dominance. (Named after one of the diagnosing drs). Anyway, my son had hip surgery age 3-1/2 and was in a body cast for 6 months, only after 6 months of intensive physical therapy to try to correct it. This was all done thru the blessed generosity of the Shriners Hospital system, one being only 20 miles from us. My son can get his checkups thru age 21. (And by the way, one of his surgeons, was a Muslim….)

    And having traced my family’s history, there are 7 Little People on my mother’s side, including one of my own first cousins.

    What I’m about to write next, is in no way meant to be derogatory to ANYONE,
    (other than savage muslims), it is simply stating an observational fact: Among the overwhelming number of Shriners patients are Amish and Mennonites. There are about 250,000 in the US, making up about 1% of the country’s total population. However, and I only know this after looking it up online, their defects are due to their inbreeding. The MAJORITY of all 250,000 are descended from the same 200 families who came here 250-300 years ago. And like any group, they are not perfect and have their problems. But these are mostly skeletal/bone defects, and not mental-brain-social defects.

    But when you look at the religion(s) and culture(s) added to the mix, in my opinion,
    that’s where the savagery comes in. MOST Amish/Mennonites are quiet, pious, 18th-century living people, and do no harm to anyone, and the most punishment they give to each other is shunning, and sometimes banishment. They also have had SOME issues with some older church elders in certain communities, preying on young girls and sexually abusing them. But I think most Americans can separate the good from the bad here. No different than pedophile catholic priests, or any other Christian /Jewish ministers/pastors/rabbis who preyed on any vulnerable person. But despite these issues (and I’m NOT excusing them), we still have at the center, Jesus Christ, and core Judeo values, that govern most Westerners as civil beings.

    But with islam and the Koran not having evolved in 1400 years and they take it literally even in today’s world, and all the bad blah-blah-blah that we all know about it, this has got to be even more proof (imho) that this is a demonic, blood-thirsty, theocratic cult.

    No, I’m not a dr, or medical worker, or psychologist, just a White Christian American Mom who prays for our country, ALL the non-muslims (Christians, Jews, Buddhists, Hindus, Sikhs, Athiests, Agnostics, Bahais, Zorastrians, straights, gays, bi’s, everyone else not mentioned here, AND any current Muslims world -wide, who want to live peacefully, and not have to deal with sharia law, and-or who want to get away from islam, or forced marriages, and all the other horrors that lie within and beneath.

    Thank-you for taking the time to read this.
    (God Bless the USA and all world-wide Freedom Fighters)

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  3. Can we get an estimate when the various retrograde stages will take over? What is needed is to know when they can be locked in zoos, and they will be grateful for the steady meals. No one should bother to raise hell about their inbreeding. Let them go full speed ahead and destroy themselves. Then it is imperitive that we stop supporting their medical costs…..At some point they will degrade to animals, and then they can be put down….

  4. Most of the suicide bombers who are inbreeds are easily persuaded to strap themselves with bombs for the price of the 72 virgins waiting in heaven. Only an IQ of 10 would do such an act of terror. Westerners often wonder why. Spread the answer.

    • now where is their fake prophet maybe he was abnorml himselffff,no wonder the muslims are so stupid,lmaoooo, and yes hope they go fast to extinctionnnn….

    • I may correct you, its not muslims who are right about everything, its ISLAM which is right about everything.
      One day you people will learn that this cousin marriage phobia is bull shit. There are more retarded children born in countries where there is least cases of cousin marriage.

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