Tell me again why we supported the Muslims instead of the Serbs in the Bosnian War?

There is never a reason to fight on the side of Muslims. ANY Muslims.

The Bosnian Muslim Nazi 13th SS “Handzar” was used to conduct operations against Yugoslav Partisans, Jews and Serbs. The Kama Division was the second Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division formed by Heinrich Himmler. The Kama and Handzar Divisions were formed by Himmler and Bosnian Muslim political leaders to advance the goals of Bosnian Muslim nationalism by achieving “autonomy” for a Bosnian Muslim state. Kama and Handzar were perceived as the armed forces of a newly-emerging Bosnian Muslim autonomous statelet. Kama and Handzar are essential to any understanding of the development of Bosnian Muslim nationalism.

History will prove Milosevic was right