TINSEL TALIBAN have gotten Christmas decorations banned from government offices in Britain

Britain’s Tory party claims court officials have been banned from putting tinsel around front office-counters amid fears it will ‘offend other religions MUSLIMS.’

But last night the Government denied the charge that the ban had been put in place to ensure Muslims were not offended. (HAH!) They said it was because they would be insensitive for criminals to have to pay fines in a room surrounded by tinsel. (Riiiiight)

Tinsel and other Christmas decorations have been outlawed at the Warwickshire Justice Centre in Nuneaton, where people pay fines. However, one courts worker wrote to community cohesion minister Sayeeda Warsi to say he had been told the ban had been imposed because tinsel would ‘break the Court Service Diversity Policy’.

This commits court service managers to ‘creating a culture where equality and diversity forms an integral part of everyday working life’ and ‘incorporating equality and diversity into day-to-day management activities’.

Baroness Warsi spoke out after receiving a letter from a worker at the centre who said: ‘I work as an admin officer in the county court and we have been told that we can’t put tinsel around our counter window as it might offend other religions, according to HMCS diversity policy.’

The Court Service is headed by justice minister Bridget Prentice, who is spearheading a campaign to ban pink toys being sold because they are not sufficiently ‘progressive’ and ‘funnel girls into pretty, pretty jobs’. (Oh Lord)

Baroness Warsi said: ‘First toys; now tinsel. Labour’s PC killjoys are determined to kill off Christmas. ‘This has nothing to do with diversity; it’s about the very opposite – a stultifying grey conformity.

Last night a source at the Ministry of Justice admitted that tinsel had been banned at the front-office counter at the Nuneaton office. ‘Over the counter, yes, where sensitive business like fine payments takes place,’ he said. ‘For that reason. Otherwise there is tinsel and stuff elsewhere.

‘Nothing was removed for religious or diversity reasons. (Like Hell it wasn’t)

The Conservatives have long accused Labour of bowing to PC concerns over Christmas – such as the famous example of Birmingham rebranding the religious festival as ‘Winterval.’ UK DAILY MAIL

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