ARAB world concurs, IRAN is a bigger threat than Israel

According to a new study of public opinion by the folks who host the Doha Debates in Qatar, a clear majority in 18 Arab countries now thinks Iran poses a greater threat to security in the Middle East than Israel.

The leadership in most of these countries has thought so for years. That average citizens now do so should be encouraging news for everyone in the region — aside from the Iranian government, Hamas, and Hezbollah. (Seems like only the U.S. Appeaser-in-Chief Obama doesn’t understand this)

A poll conducted by British research and consulting organisation YouGov found that a majority of more than 1,000 people surveyed across 18 Arab countries perceived Iran as more of a security threat than Israel. According to the poll, commissioned by Qatars Doha Debates, a third of the people surveyed said they believe that Iran is just as likely to target Arab countries as Israel is.

The poll results, published last week, showed that 80 percent of those surveyed “do not believe assurances that Iran is not trying to develop nuclear weapons.”

On the other hand, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) ElBaradei says nuclear Israel is number one threat to Mideast. given the nuclear arms it possesses.”

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