Finns threaten that (MUSLIM) immigrant ghettos will burn

One of the highest rates of Muslim immigrants in Europe is drawing fears from Finns who are concerned that immigrants, attracted by Finland’s overly generous welfare packages will overrun their country.

Finland has kicked out 1100 asylum seekers from Muslim countries. Finland is expediting the asylum seeker refusal of entry process. The country is accelerating the process of kicking out asylum seekers who have applied for asylum in other EU countries. This a a record year in the number of decisions leading to deportations of asylum seekers. On average, every third person asking for asylum in Finland has applied for asylum in another EU country, and, thus is deportable.Infidels Unite

Native Finns are taking their children out of schools with significant immigrant populations (mainly Muslims, of course). Not just that, but they’re also willing to move to have their children put in another school. This will further erode the areas with significant immigrant populations as the population actually capable of paying taxes moves out, leaving behind only those consuming welfare services. And not just that, but the demand for these welfare services increases as the amount of immigrants does. This flight is taking place in cities across Europe and it has, in just a few years, landed in Finland and is now destroying the ridiculously naive “people’s home” state, first conceived in SwedenMuslim immigration causes white flight

Anti-Immigration parties on the rise in Finland